- Terms & conditions -


Each object has a different rate, depending on its size, location and facilities.
Rates are established in days, depending on the length of the stay and the number of occupants, and are always made in the best interests of the guests.
These prices include the accommodation as well as any water, gas, electricity, clean sheets and towels used during the stay.

Booking confirmation

Your accommodation is booked upon receipt of the payment.
This payment should be made via bank transfer, PayPal.
Your booking is not confirmed until FAIRROOM 4RENT receives the payment and you have received the confirmation email from FAIRROOM 4RENT.
This confirmation email contains all your booking details such as the address of the object and the contact details of the landlord/landlady
The key will be handed over directly at the address of the booked accommodation mentioned above on your arrival day.
The voucher with the arrival and departure instructions will be sent 2 weeks before your arrival.

Terms of payment (depending on the trade fairs)

1. Terms of payment:

  • Advance payment - 100% of the total amount via bank transfer within 3 working days after invoicing;

2. Terms of payment:

  • Deposit payment - 50% of the booking amount is to be paid within 3 business days after invoicing;
  • Balance payment - 50% of the booking amount is to be paid 28 days prior to the arrival;

Mode of payment: via bank transfer or by PayPal.
FAIRROOM 4RENT exclusively works with payments in advance.
Therefore, it is impossible to pay in cash on the day of arrival for a booking done in advance.

Cancellation Policy

The Fairroom 4Rent service fee is non-refundable.
There is no right of withdrawal.
"No refunds" - in case of cancellation it will be charged 100% of accommodation charges.
"No-show" - the same as 100% cancellation.
If the guest does not arrive at the arranged check-in day, the amount is not refunded.
If the guest leaves prior to the arranged check-out day, the amount is not refunded.
Changes of booking after invoicing (changes in dates, number of persons or object) can be charged with an additional fee of 25 €
All changes must be made via email.
Changes by phone are not accepted.

Additional prices

A security deposit and a key deposit should be paid by the guests in cash upon arrival. They will be returned to the guests on departure day before check-out.​
This deposit serves as a safety fee in case of lost keys, occurred damages during your stay or if more persons arrive than indicated in advance.
Some landlords/landladies may even require to fill out a liability agreement.
A landlord/landlady can require money from you on the day of arrival:

  • Your booking is without breakfast and you decide to add breakfast to your booking after having arrived. Then you can pay the amount for the breakfast directly to the landlord/landlady in cash or
  • You arrive with more persons than previously indicated in your booking. In this case as well the landlord/landlady is allowed to ask you to pay for the additional person(s) in cash after your arrival.

Arrival and Departure

To avoid any delays at check-in you should provide us with your correct arrival time two weeks before arrival.
It is necessary to contact the landlord/landlady in advance (at least 48 hours before arrival). In case you do not reach the landlord/landlady before your check in please contact us immediately so that we can instantly intervene and decide about what to do next.
The usual arrival time may be between 15:00 – 21:00.
You should call your contact person when you arrive at the airport (or 1 hour prior to arriving at your destination city in car).
Alternating arrival times are possible on demand.
You should leave the accommodation before or at 11:00.
If the landlord/landlady accepts a later check out time, a later departure will be possible.
The early/ late check-in can be charged with an additional fee.
The late check-out can be charged with an additional fee.


The object will have been cleaned prior to guests arrival.
Additional cleaning services are available upon request with an additional fee.
Before leaving, the client is obliged to leave the apartment in perfect conditions.
If not, there will be an additional cleaning charge.

Number and identity of guests

Only the booked number of persons is allowed to stay inside the accommodation.
As soon as the accommodation is used by further persons please inform us immediately!
Pets are NOT allowed.
Smoking is NOT allowed inside the accommodation.

Breakfast (if booked)

If you booked an apartment breakfast will be bought by the landlord and it will be stored in the fridge for you.
The breakfast will be filled up regularly during your stay. Breakfast is to be prepared by yourself.
If you booked a room, breakfast will be prepared for you.

Please keep in mind that potential complaints including photographic proofs
have to be submitted to us by e-mail within 24 hours after check-in.
Posterior complaints will not be considered.

If you have any questions about your booking(s), please send us an e-mail. Your inquiry will be submitted immediately and our team will reply to your questions as quickly as possible.